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Carpe diem wellness & spa

Dear guests and clients,
Welcome to Carpe diem wellness & spa. We have come up with an exclusive offer to our services which are designed to provide you with a maximum therapeutic effect.  

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Your best choice - for vacation, relaxation and fun!

Numerous wise sayings taken from the rich history of mankind are possible to apply on the stressful life of a modern man from the oldest ones “Carpe diem” (Latin for "Seize the day") over the one saying “Memento mori” (Latin for "Remember that you are mortal") to the French expression “Joire de vivre” (meaning “The joy of life”). The last one mentioned is the term often used to describe the cheerful pleasure of living, universal delight and the philosophy of life. Therefore, the whole human being is needed.

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In the healthy atmosphere of warm and cold bath, pleasant refreshing scents, massages and pools, reinvigorate your senses and regain your strength. After intensive exercise discover the refreshment and rest in the relaxation rooms. Our friendly staff will make endeavors to assure you are comfortable during the use of wellness programs of our wellness facilities.

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