The centre of the unique Makarska Riviera. The very first and the best tourist destination in Croatia. Two bays extend the power of the sea into the very base of the magnificent Biokovo mountain (with the higest peak of Sv. Jure at 1762 m ) which towers above the town like a diamond halo. A proud, amazingly high, lavander - grey aureole. The kilometers long bays, defend by the glittering undulating brilliantly blue sea and the shining silvery high cliffs, are borded by lines of beaches like pearls, protected by the shade of pines, and the greenery of olive trees, broom, sage, rosemary, bay, carob... Makarska spread in its nest, once the town of proud fishermen and farmers, and today a town of youth, athlets, tourists... The town of tourism. Take a walk along its narrow streets, rest in its beautiful green parks, blend with this unique nature art work...become one!